Saturday, January 10, 2015

Changing your MAC address in 5 easy steps [Linux]

Step 0:  Open your terminal window, Login as root and type the following commands ...

Step 1:
       ifconfig | grep HWaddr   /* This lists your mac addresses eth0 and wlan0 */

Step 2:
      ifconfig wlan0 down   /* Closes your current MAC adddress*/

Step 3: 
      ifconfig wlan0 hw ether  [type preferred address  e.g 00:A0:22:A1:12:DD]

Step 4: 
        ifconfig wlan0 up /* adds new mac address */ 

Step 5: 
        ifconfig wlan0  /* test setup, you should now see the new address you entered */ 

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  1. You can create temporary MAC Address in Linux by typing
    sudo ifconfig eth0 hw ether xx:xx:Xx:xx on terminal . The MAC address will change and will stay until reboot. If you wish to change MAC-address permanently, you can use various software's available in market .

    Silvester Norman

    Change Mac Address