Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Never Too Early Album Review

Gee formerly G-Baby releases his latest albumNever Too Early which is a follow up to the double album in 2008Behind the Scenes co-emceeing Sweden Based Gambian Rapper NUBE andFreedom of Speech which is an album with positive messages, energetic beats, and very unique wordplay. Upon listening to the album, you will be extremely impressed because he has a creative and unique style, but his lyrics are what set this album apart from others in the genre.
Right after the album release of his 2 albums at a radio interview Gee admitted that he already started recording his next album, when the presenter said if it wasn’t too early for another album yet then Gee Responded the album title was going to be “Never Too Early” After a few months Gee drop a pre album mixtape “Never Too Early –the mixtape” which he specially gave out to his fans for free as a warm up for his album.

The Album:
December 17th marked a day to remember in the history of Gambian music as Gee staged a show at “La Diva’s” which was his album release party, having seen a sneak peak on YouTube I could tell how big the turnout was and the performances were great too.
The approach that artists use to incorporate each element into their songs is the most varying characteristic of hip hop, and the benefits of that are very clear when you listen to Never Too Early. It comes as no surprise that there are a number of great featured artists on the album like (Fata, Gaindeh, Nube, Omid, Nix. Esaay, Barz, Smoke Doctor,IB. etc.)

Questions for Questions is by far the most unique song on this album. The lyrics are very well done, and the combination of the melodic chorus by IB and the rhythmic Back to Back verses explaining the interaction of two couples who fail to trust each other makes it interesting.

There are so many great tracks on this Album, but one that deserves accreditation is the track,Keeps it Gutter where Gee talks about how important it is to him as an artist to carry message in his songs. The production quality of each song is indicative of a lot of time spent in the booth, this album sounds more complete than any other I have heard yet from Gambia. As listening to the Album from Track 1 you do feel like you just watch a movie part one and moving to part 2 as the album has a connection from track to track. So far it is the Best Hip Hop/Rap Album from The Gambia.
  • I am still doing this because of my fans –Gee
  • Three albums, two mixtapes and another album and a mixtape on the way; I AINT NEVER HAD A SINGLE SPONSOR! --Gee.
So get your copy to support your very own “For the Gambia (y)our Homeland”

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